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INDRIVE  introduces PCPOS - User Friendly Windows Based Software to keep your PCP system completely automated and operating at top performance.





The most valuable information about an operating oil well is the dynamic pumping fluid level. For a sucker rod driven PCP artificial lift system it has been shown that there is a

direct relationship between dynamic fluid level and the axial load exerted on the drive head thrust bearing. This axial load can be measured by a load cell on the PCP drive head. PCPOS uses the axial load as the main control variable along with surface tubing pressure, surface casing pressure, motor current and torque to create an expert system to automate and optimize the PC pumping unit. No down hole sensors are required. PCPOS can automate and optimize single wells or multiple wells. 

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Technical Papers on the PCPOS Software


PCPOS Real Time Functions:

* Receive Data (from load cell, pressure sensors, ammeter, VFC, etc.)

* Analyze Data

* Make Control Decisions

     Adjust Pump Speed

     Send Alarm (s)

     Shut Down Pump


* Communicate to Remote Host Computer (by radio link, cable, etc.)

* Continuously Update Operating History of the Well(s)

* Automate Operation of Diluent or Chemical Injection System (Optional)


PCPOS Helps Diagnose Pump Conditions

* Parted Rods

* Locked Rotor

* Pump-Off

* Swollen Stator Elastomer

* Pump Sanded In

* Rotor Re-Tag

* Motor Failure

* Gearbox Failure


PCPOS Benefits

* Reduce Downtime

* Reduce Workovers

* Reduce Operational Labor

* Improve Operating Response Time

* Extend Equipment Operating Life

* Optimize Well Production

is a trademark registered in the U.S. (No. 2,261,383) of InterRep Division of Patton Enterprises, Inc. and has been granted patents internationally: U.S. (Nos. 5,941,305 and 6,041,856), Venezuela (No. 58671), Argentina (No. 016151B1), Canada (No. 2231321), and Mexico (No. 229812)."


The Following Technical Papers on PCPOS Have Been Presented at Various Forums:


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