InterRep began pursuing ISO Certification early in 1997 and received ISO 9001 Certification in January 1998. All InterRep equipment is now manufactured, assembled and tested in strict accordance with ISO 9001 procedures.

In 1996 InterRep began the design, development, testing, and introduction of the Progressing Cavity Pump Optimization System (PCPOS). The ability of PCPOS to economically automate wells using progressing cavity pumps is a major technological advance for the PCP industry. InterRep was granted the U.S. Patent for PCPOS in August of 1999 (No. 5941305) and March of 2000 (No. 6041856). InterRep was granted the Canadian Patent in June of 2000 (No. 2,231,321) and the Venezuelan Patent in September of 2001 (No. 97-002334) and has applied for patent in other oil producing countries."

InterRep has designed, manufactured, and installed PCP equipment located in many of the oil producing regions of the world and is looking forward to growing along with the ever-expanding worldwide PCP market.

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InterRep was established in 1981 as a marketing division of Patton Enterprises Inc. and was  initially involved in the sales and service of electrical submersible pumps and drilling and workover rigs.  In 1983 InterRep added down-hole progressing cavity pumps (PCP) to its product line.  Gradually the down-hole PCP industry became the main business focus of InterRep.

With head offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma and shop facilities in Arlington, Texas, in 1984 InterRep began to manufacture PCP drive heads and control panels and continued to be a distributor of  down-hole PC Pumps.  This allowed InterRep to offer the complete PCP system to its customers; surface drive systems and the down-hole pumps.  In 1988 InterRep moved its shop facility to Pearland, Texas and in 1990 moved again to Bacliff, Texas.  In April of 1994, the company moved from Bacliff to a 10,000 square foot facility at its current location in Dickinson, Texas (southeast of Houston).  In 1996, InterRep enlarged the Dickinson facility to 20,000 square feet. The headquarters office continues to be in Tulsa.  

InterRep assisted in the introduction of the down-hole progressing cavity pumping system to the oil industry.  The company has been innovative in drive head and control  technology throughout the history of the PCP in  the oilfield. InterRep offers one of the most diverse and innovative lines of PCP surface drive equipment in the industry.